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Jens Halverson - Groundskeeper
« on: June 22, 2012, 05:25:01 PM »
Character name: Jens Cygnus-Halverson

Position: Grounds Keeper

Character Age: 27

Character's Hogwarts House: Character did not attend Hogwarts but instead a smaller institution somewhere in Scandinavia but he would have been in Hufflepuff due to his quiet nature, love of the Earth and pacifistic ways.

Character Blood Type: Pure-blood

Wand - 13 inches, Norway Maple, Bowtruckle Fingernail

Character Alignment: Lawful Good

Character Physical Description: Jens is a blond haired, blue eyed, ruddy cheeked Norwegian man. He is tall, just over six feet, with a calm expression almost always on his face. He often has a somewhat far away, starry feeling in his eyes which his aunt says came from spending so much time staring at the night sky. He wears work robes that always look like they could use a little bit of love or, in his wife's good opinion, getting rid of. His wife always makes sure his hair is neatly trimmed, but he will sometimes grow a beard just to annoy her. He also harbors a strong liking for wearing Scandinavian style sweaters and anything wool.

Under his fingernails you'll find a good deal of dirt because of his job. His hands are a little red from use and the back of his neck carries a pink tinge from wind and sun. His hands are large and very strong but equally gentle. They are just as capable of wielding an axe as gently moving a smaller animal out of the way from where he is digging.

Character Personality: Jens is a patient, hard-working, soft spoken man of few words. It is doubtful that he has ever been angry or held a grudge in his life. He hates confrontation and would rather let somebody shoot a curse at him than fight back. Only if absolute necessity called for it would he fight back, and usually then only for the defense of another innocent. Some might call him cowardly, but he's just a pacifist. He is not self-conscious at all about any of this but finds wisdom in silence and the spaces between.

He is a decided introvert but oddly enough a bit messy, though, to Elara's neatness. Calling him a "nutty professor" type would be going a little too far because he doesn't have the energy to match the stereotype. Jens is perhaps the most deeply contented man around, these days. There is food on his table, some money in the bank and a lovely wife to keep him company and share the work with.

Character Strengths and Likes:  Jens' biggest strength is his physical strength.  He never shirked his chores as a child and they often included hauling wood for the fire.  Living in a mixed community sometimes meant having to do things the Muggle way.  Hard work doesn't scare him.  Rather, he welcomes it.  He finds work to be calming and centering and chopping wood is his zen place.  He likes the outdoors, the big, open sky and the feeling of freedom that comes along with it.  He hates to be closed in and is a little claustrophobic.  It took a couple of weeks to get used to the little cottage with both of them.  Finally, he just spelled a closet to be bigger and the problem was solved.   

Jens likes good, if bland food.  He likes mashed potatoes, pie, chicken and almost anything involving fish. 

Character Weaknesses and Dislikes:  Jens dislikes violence even more than Elara does.  Jens dislikes anything negative, for that matter.  He dislikes cruelty and neglect but even more than those, he dislikes ignorance.  He believes that everyone can always strive to be a better version of themselves.  Most would say his refusal to ever fight or stand up for himself is a weakness but a few see it as a strength that few possess.  Jens himself couldn't tell you if he is merely a coward or just at peace with himself enough to never rise to the bait.  He suspects there must be something out there that would cause him to stand and fight but the day has yet to come. 

He is not adventurous and has little desire to travel the world.  Home can be where you hang your hat, as he learned while working away from home and during his school years, but is always best you are, indeed, home.

Character's Habits:  Long periods of silence.  Speaking in very short sentences or not full sentences at all.  Forgetting to wash under his nails, though he never forgets to comb his hair.   

What would your character see if they encountered:
1: A boggart? his family, dead (Oh, god, Molly Weasley anyone?)
2: The Mirror of Erised? If anything, his parents. But I almost think he doesn't see anything but himself. But that might be going too far. The only other things I can come up with are the world's most perfect cherry pie and a new pair of dragon leather boots.
3: A Dementor? Those who bullied him when he was a kid for being "soft."

Amortentia: 3 scents? Clean, freshly spun wool. New-fallen snow. His wife's hair.

What's your character's Patronus? A swan



Character's Family (names, ages, and living or deceased):
Aunt: Mari Melby, 55
Uncle: Jakob Melby, 53
Cousins: Johanna Lindstrom, 32
Beate Tran, 29
Mother: Sofie Halverson (deceased)
Father: Emil Halverson, 67

Character History:

Jens is from the northern end of Norway and has a generally Scandinavian background. He grew up in a family that loved the outdoors and taking advantage of the skiing opportunities offered as well as partaking in the Muggle sport of curling. He grew up with Aunt and Uncle and their 2 children. His mother died in childbirth and his father couldn't deal. He doesn't want to talk about it. He found his family life to be perfectly happy and "normal." He isn't really sure where his father is and he's OK with that. When he was younger, his father would pop in every now and then or send a card which turned out to be harder in the long run, never knowing when he would come around. As Jens grew older they just stopped connecting.

He attended a small wizarding school from the ages of 12 - 17 where he was a relatively serious student. Some thought him a bully or snob because he didn't talk very much and kept to himself, but after a few years the other students finally realized it was simply his way. A few students took to calling him "womanly" but he paid them no mind and because he never reacted they eventually gave up their campaign. He was drawn to Astronomy because he found the intricacy of the movements and the balance of it all very appealing and aesthetically pleasing. He liked the forays out into the field to observe various phenomena as well as the write ups that came afterwards.

After graduation, he was offered a spot on a research team. He wouldn't be doing a lot of the hands-on research himself at first but even the chance at grunt-work excited him. He would be expected to write down data, compile it, fetch, tote, clean and do whatever else he was told, but it was a position to start with and at the age of 17, it was better than nothing. Over the years, he proved to be a valuable, postive member of the team, if very quiet and reserved. His physical strength was always a boon as was his patience with tedious recording work.

On a later field expedition at the age of 19, he met his wife to be: Elara. Her position was equal to his current one and for once, he found it absolutely maddening. And she was always cheerful, always kind and patient and polite and it drove him crazy! His co-workers knew he was in love well before he himself did because they knew they anger was really quite unfounded, due to the fact the qualities she displayed were good ones. He bickered with her though he had never bickered with anyone ever before. It took about six months before they realized they couldn't stand being apart and their bickering became more good-natured and grew into a deep, abiding affection.

Though he loved his family, Jens was perfectly willing to move back to England with Elara and live in her hometown. Aunt and Uncle had been very good to him but there was no special bond. She had a much stronger connection with her family and portkeys and apparition make it possible for him to return home often enough. Plus, the two of them enough time in the field with their co-workers that he never feels lonely or homesick. Until she started at Hogwarts.

The first term Elara taught at Hogwarts left Jens heartsick. Seeing her only every other weekend or so was not enough for him. So through some discreet inquiries, he looked to see if there was not some post at Hogwarts he could take in order to be near her. Finding out that the post of Groundskeeper was open, he decided to apply. He enjoyed physical labor and was certainly strong enough and in good enough health for it, even if his experience wasn't the best. It would mean giving up the fieldwork he loves so much, but many things are worth being with the one he loves. But he kept it quiet, Elara had no idea he'd applied.

Right after New Year's, Jens arrived in the Great Hall of the castle and with perfect timing. There was his wife, passing through to her office. She barreled into his arms and they just stood for a long moment in the hall, until they schlepped his trunk off to her small apartments. A week later, they officially moved into the sweet, little cottage on the grounds. With a magic closet added for storage space, the two find the place just fine for them. They don't need a whole lot at the school, taking their meals in the Hall when they choose.

Now, having been at the post for a good term (or so), he finds that he truly enjoys the work. It keeps him fit and healthy and allows him a fair amount of time to attend to his own research. Of course, Hogwarts is a good place to be stationed due to its remote location, away from lights, and the availability of necessary instruments. On occasion, he will assist in wife in the classroom for a demonstration or cover for her when she is ill or away for some reason. However, he finds himself unsuited to teaching on a regular basis, especially the younger students. While he is good with children, he has a hard time translating the language of the sky into one they'll understand.

He and his wife do have rather differing views regarding Muggles, but because Jens assumes Elara feels the way he does so they've never discussed it. He does not view a lack of magic as a lack of anything. Merely a difference, but he group up in a place with more Muggles around than she did. One of his cousins married one.

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